Rapid Intervention Company Operations, 1st Edition

ISBN-10: 1401895034 ISBN-13: 9781401895037
400 Pages Paperback
©2006 Published


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Authors: Michael Mason & Jeffrey Pindelski

The numerous risks faced by today's fire service dictate that well trained and skilled firefighters be ready to rescue one of their own. This new book serves as a "one stop" reference for all aspects of rapid intervention operations, outfitting fire service personnel with the techniques and procedures they need to effectively take charge of rescue situations. Unique coverage presents multiple viewpoints or techniques for critical skills, effectively arming firefighters with alternatives for the various situations that they may face when responding to a call. Safety is discussed at length and integrated throughout all rapid intervention topics, including firefighter self-survival, moving and raising the downed firefighter, roof operations, thermal imaging, the collapse environment, enlarging openings, and more.

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