Firefighting Strategies and Tactics, 2nd Edition

ISBN-10: 1418048933 ISBN-13: 9781418048938
576 Pages Hardcover
©2008 Published


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Authors: James Angle & David Harlow - Fairborne Fire Department, William Lombardo - South Trail Fire Rescue, Craig Maciuba - Palm Harbor Fire Rescue, Michael Gala, Jr. - Fire Department New York City

This comprehensive text is an ideal building block for aspiring fire officers and an essential review for experienced command officers. Incident command requires background knowledge and application skills in all phases of strategy and tactics - knowing what needs to be done as well as the how it is going to be accomplished. An important element of this book is the use of case studies based on actual incidents to show the applications of the theories to real world situations. The authors' myriad experiences in all phases of the operational fire service are included to detail the command operations from the company level to major alarms. The book uses a clear, systematic approach correlating with the course objectives of Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education enabling it to be used by all levels of fire fighters and fire officers.

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