Aircraft Accidents: A Practical Guide for Responders, 1st Edition

ISBN-10: 1401879101 ISBN-13: 9781401879105
256 Pages Paperback
©2008 Published


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Authors: James Anderson, Robert Gill, Jeff Hawkins

Prepare for the most unexpected event-responding to an aircraft accident-with this practical guidebook. Straight-forward and concise, this book prepares emergency responders in any type of agency or community for the successful response to aircraft accidents. First responders will learn how to communicate and work effectively with the various agencies involved in a fire, crash, and post-fire environment. An overview on airplane anatomy will familiarize responders with various types of aircraft and associated hazards, while a focus on preplanning, available resources, approach of the aircraft, and various safety and medical issues, arms responders with the necessary tools to mitigate the incident. With technical clarity, Aircraft Accidents: A Practical Guide for Responders effectively reveals how the various emergency services can form into a unified command structure as a single team to respond to an aircraft accident.

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