Firefighters from the Heart: True Stories and Lessons Learned, 1st Edition

ISBN-10: 1418014230 ISBN-13: 9781418014230
288 Pages Paperback
©2006 Published


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Author: Steve Chikerotis

Welcome to the world of firefighting - the camaraderie, the challenges, the defeats, and the triumphs. Within these pages walk alongside firefighters and fire officers as they fight fires, face career-altering decisions, and learn critical lessons that forever change their perception on what it means to be a firefighter. Chicago Battalion Chief and 27-year service member Steve Chikerotis shares stories drawn from some of the most respected firefighters in the nation to convey valuable lessons on safety, risk management, education and awareness. Over 45 exciting short stories unfold each heart-pounding incident, promoting the development of crucial life-saving instincts and leadership skills as well as inviting readers to develop a sense of appreciation for the life of a firefighter.

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